Welcome to the CIVCO Radiotherapy Associate Apparel Ordering System!

Special orders, which includes any items not featured on this site, that are placed by the 20th of the month and online orders placed by the end of the month will arrive on or before the 15th of the following month.

Dress Code/Personal Appearance Policy

CIVCO Radiotherapy encourages associates to dress comfortably for work. Clothing should be in good taste and should not contain anything that other team members may find offensive or make them uncomfortable. This includes clothing with profane language statements or clothing that advertises alcohol or tobacco or promotes causes tied to politics, religion, or controversial issues.

Our goal is to provide a workplace environment that is inclusive for all team members. We expect that your business attire will exhibit common sense and the appropriate level of professionalism required for your job and responsibilities and comply with specific work area requirements and SOPs (e.g. open toe shoes would not be acceptable in all warehouse and manufacturing areas).

Courtesy to coworkers and your professional image to our customers, suppliers, and others should be the factors that are used to assess the appropriate business attire.

CIVCO Radiotherapy associates may order CIVCO Radiotherapy labeled apparel through Lake Prairie Marketing Group. Associates can place an order online via the LPMG web store (

All associates are given a one-time allowance of $35.00 for CIVCO Radiotherapy apparel.

Apparel orders in excess of an Associate's annual or one-time allotment are paid through a payroll deduction.

Order Form and additional CIVCO Radiotherapy Apparel information can be accessed on the CIVCO Radiotherapy Intranet at HRS/Get Started/Benefits/Other Benefits.